Almost 3 years ago now (2013) I was 69kg’s feeling depressed, upset at myself with no real direction in life. The reality was that I was in an unhappy job working in a field that I disliked without any real motivation for success and hence my downward spiral from there. This was reality and although my partner was always into the gym I had no motivation to train or to have any confidence in stepping one foot into a gym. I had no guidance or education regarding my eating habits as I would be eating junk, alcohol, drinking lots of soft drink without any real reason to change my life style.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror and was extremely uncomfortable within myself. Each day would be a repeat of the day prior without any change. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before I knew it I was a completely different person. Both on the inside and outside.


It was literally one day that I woke up and looked into the mirror and decided a change had to happen. I wasn’t happy within myself, my life nor was I happy with the person I had become. I really didn’t recognize myself. It was then I decided to gain some confidence, get off my back side and start training with my own personal trainer to help motivate and get me started on the right path. From that moment on I just clicked and knew to myself this was the beginning of a new me so I could finally be happy again.

Since that moment I trained my butt off inside and outside of the gym, I ate and kept to an extremely strict diet. The first month was the hardest to change from literally one extreme to the other. It wasn’t until 3 months that I could literally start to see results and gain some of that confidence back. I grew to love the gym, training hard but more importantly feeling great and happy within myself.


I studied and successfully completed a Master Trainer Course at the Australian Institute of Fitness where I am now working as a qualified Personal Trainer & Online Coach helping others achieve their goals and feeling great about themselves. I live a healthy life style ensuring that training, eating well and feeling great is now the normal way of life and part of a daily routine.

The greatest gift for me is to help others and pass down my learnings along with my recipe for success to ensure everybody can be live a happy life and be confident each day. This is not a job but a daily joy that every day I get to transform someone’s life for the better and help get things back on track for that person. Whether it be a physical or mental battle I promise to always stand by each client to ensure we get through it together to achieve ultimate success.




The majority of my clients are females who similar to myself originally had very little confidence about themselves and knew they had to make a change. I specialize in body transformations and ensure all my clients achieve their goals as discussed from our very first conversation together. Many of my female clients have very little self-esteem and no real desire to train inside a gym, which I can completely understand as I too felt exactly the same.  I provide many private (1 on 1) training sessions outside of the gym to help combat this and slowly help each person gain that confidence back.

After every training session, after each week, all my clients start to transform and become confident, happier and generally start feeling much better about themselves. By the time we are in the 3rd month of training each client is transformed into a completely different person. They are confident, happy, their mindset is very strong and they become far more focused on their own person life.


The most important thing we need to remember it that we all start from somewhere. We all have a beginning and it’s literally from that moment that we wake up within ourselves and understand that the time has come for things to change.  The way we live our lives must change.

My oath to all my clients and customers is that I will help, assist and nurture them to become different people to those whom I meet for the very first time.  Through the training provided, meal plans and online coaching each client can and WILL make a change for the better.  Failure is not an option and I promise to transform each of you whether it be your mental or physical state.

I would love to chat with each of you to discuss your next steps so you can finally let go of that unwanted person you have become and finally make a change. I train clients all over Melbourne that I personally train aswell as many clients globally around the world whom I train and coach online to ensure they too reach their goals and achieve success.

I look forward to working with all of you and changing your lives.